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Meet our Staff!

We have a great staff, who are here to help you find what you need on your spiritual path!

Chris is our Store Manager, an Oglala Sioux with an extensive background in metaphysics.  He is also founder of 'FUTURE GHOST', an acclaimed paranormal research team.

Phoenix is our Lead Sales Goddess.  She has been studying metaphysics for over ten years and  coaches others in raising their vibration and living more authentically. She enjoys expanding her knowledge on topics related to sigil meanings, quantum physics, working with spirit guides & Angels.  Come by to meet Phoenix and say Hi!

Tana is one of our Sales Goddesses. She has experience in western medicine, as well as eastern medicine. She is a practitioner of energy healing and focused her daily practice in compassion.

Pushkalananda is our newest Sales Goddess.  She is an Intiated disciple of an Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda from the unbroken lineage of incarnations in India. Certified in the Vedic Lifestyle of Yoga, Meditation, Puja, Sattvic Food, Mantras, Homas and Yajnas leading to an optimal balance of energies. Passionate about experiencing the space of positivity, possibility and leadership and empowering others to actualize the highest potential by identifying and completing with self-limiting root thought patterns and living a life of freedom and joy!

is our General Manager.  She has studied Metaphysics for 20+ years and is a Certified Fairyologist.  She is here to help you on your spiritual path and can show you many ways to use items to enhance your earthly journey and find your spiritual Superhero! 

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