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Employee Picks for JULY

Faerie Enchantment of the Month

To use in spell or while working with the Faeries to Bless and Consecrate items and areas.

Materials Needed:

Small Bowl or Pitcher, Spring water or Fresh Rain Water,1- Rose Quartz, 1-Clear Quartz, 1-Smokey Quartz, Essential Rose Oil, Faerie Dust, small bottles.

Enchantment Prep:
Place your spring water or fresh rain water in the refrigerator with the rose quartz, clear quartz and smokey quartz for at least 12 hours.

Faerie Enchantment:
Take your water with stones outside under the moonlight.  Allow the moonlight to reflect on the water.  Place your hands over the water, saying:

I call upon the Lady of the moon to charge this water with the power of  peace, love and happiness.
Cleanse and purify this water with sacred rite.
So mote it be!

You can now sprinkle in some Faerie dust.  Leave in bowl or Pitcher OR pour into small bottles to use in spell work, cleanse a space or item and to invoke the power of the Faeries into any space.

Stone of the Month - Picked by Heather


Mugglestone, also known as Tiger Iron, is a beautifully naturally colored stone containing sedimentary deposits of Hematite, Gold Tiger's Eye and Red and Yellow Jasper from India. Tiger Iron exhibits the metaphysical properties of all its components.  Tiger Iron is a very strong protective stone and keeps one grounded, balanced and centered as it synthesizes the energies of the Sun and the Earth.  Tiger Iron is a grounding stone that also brings protection, especially protection from danger. It is also a stone of clarity, particularly clarity of knowledge, enabling one to see the truth below the apparent surface of issues. Tiger Iron also helps with creative endeavors and all types of artistic abilities. It is used to bring strength, vitality, confidence, willpower, and balance.  It is an excellent stone for people wishing to bring more motivation to their lives, and is a stone of good luck. In folklore and crystal healing lore, Tiger Iron is said to balance white and red blood cells, increase natural steroids, and improve muscular structure, and help with healing legs, sexual organs,
liver, and the nervous system. Tiger Iron is a helpful aid to those who feel emotionally, mentally or
physically exhausted and burned out. Full of grounding Earth energy, Tiger Iron also helps to find courage and refuge in times of danger, and promotes a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles.
Physically, Tiger Iron can assist those who have chemical or noise sensitivities. It can be used to relieve stress and aid in soothing fractures, cramps and aching muscles.

Oil of the Month - Picked by Dolores

WHITE FIR - 'The Oil of Generational Healing'

White Fir is from the Pinaceae (conifer) botanical family and is extracted via steam distillation from the needles of this plant.
Its properties include: Analgesic, anti-arthritic, anti-catarrhal, antiseptic and many more!
Common Primary Uses: Bronchitis, Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder, Muscle Fatigue, Muscle Pain, Sprains and many others.
Historical Uses: Though highly regarded for its fragrence (used as a Christmas tree) the fir tree has been prized for its ability to help with respiratory companies, fever, muscular and rheumatic pain.  Animals frequently lie down under these trees for protection and energetic regeneration and healing.
Body Systems Affected: Respiratory System.  White Fir addresses generational issues. Patterns and traditions are passed down from family member to family member. Some negative patterns such as abuse, alcoholism, anger, eating disorders can be destructive.  White Fir assists the individual in unearthing these negative patterns and healing them, breaking the generational patterns. This oil offers a refuge of spiritual protection and helps individuals stay true to the path of healing, even if their family members oppose them.
Companion Oils: Balance Blend, DDR Prime, Frankincense and Lavender.
Safety data: Can irritate sensitive skin.
Application: Can be applied without dilution topically or diluted 1:3 with a carrier oil for children and those with sensitive skin. Apply to reflex points or directly on area of concern or diffuse. It can be taken orally however it should be diluted one drop in 1 tsp honey or in 4 oz. of beverage. Not for children under 6 years old and diluted more if they are older than 6.
This is a wonderful oil to have in your medicine cabinet! Stop by the store to learn more about this special blend.
We also provide a FREE Zyto compass hand scan report when you purchase two or more doTerra Oils!

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