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Go beyond the fear and negativity of retrograde periods and achieve success. Retrogrades can present unexpected opportunities when you approach them with creativity and patience. How to Survive Mercury Retrograde shows you how to be better prepared for retrograde cycles and handle those areas of life that are most commonly affected. Discover the answers to questions about getting married, accepting a new job, or buying a car during a retrograde period. Explore retrograde survival tips that will help you maintain focus and correct mistakes. Look up your sign and corresponding element to see how you can cope. Whether you are a student of astrology or just someone wanting to know how to survive a retrograde cycle with less stress, this book will help you navigate these challenging astrological periods.


"Mr. Ashman shares what to look out for and many tips for navigating these phases in ways that can actually help us, and his extensive knowledge and expertise with astrology are clearly on display. I heartily recommend this book!"--Diane Brandon, author of Dream Interpretation for Beginners, Intuition for Beginners, and Invisible Blueprints

"A welcome and much-needed antidote to the retrograde anxiety."--Kevin B. Burk, Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy and author of Principles of Practical Natal Astrology


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Reference book of longitude and latitudes 

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What is the significance of December 21, 2012? In this groundbreaking book, Tim Lyons offers a multi-faceted answer to that question by applying the principles of western astrology to time measurement that the ancient Maya called the Long Count, a period that began in 3114 BC and that ends on December 21, 2012. Drawing on the historical studies of Lewis Mumford, Arnold Toynbee, and others, Tim finds connections between the Mayan aeon and our own astrological ages, uses our astrological tools to draw meaning from the Mayan time-measurements, and demonstrates the correlations between the Mayan measurements and the many important historical developments from the past 5125 years. In his last chapter, Tim casts a horoscope for the aeon beginning on the winter solstice 2012, seeking similarities and differences between that horoscope and the one for August 11, 3114 BC. Concluding that the Long Count horoscope symbolizes a type of social development characterized by authoritarian militarism and leading to ecological destruction, and showing how those tendencies have worked themselves out through time in tandem with important transits and progressions to that horoscope, he connects social, psychological, and spiritual elements to give a clear diagnosis of the problems facing human civilization. Seeing the Long Count as measuring "the era of bigness," he suggests that the future will see the development of smaller institutions arising as adaptations to the dominant model that has now run its course.
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"This book came about as the result of a vision that I had long ago..." So writes Chippewa medicine man, seer, and Indian leader Sun Bear. In "The Medicine Wheel" he and his medicine helper, Wabun, share his vision, setting forth a whole new system of earth astrology to help guide people not only in their daily living but in their life path as well. A beautiful and inspiring new approach to astrology, "The Medicine Wheel" will help people of all earth signs "walk in balance on our Earth Mother."
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An Introduction to Native American Astrology

Like their Western and Chinese counterparts, Native Americans developed an astrological system for understanding the world and envisioning harmony in the universe. Based on animals and clans and including corresponding trees, stones, and colors, the medicine wheel is broken into 12 moons similar to the 12 signs in Western astrology. In fascinating detail and with illustrations throughout, this new entry in the Plain & Simple series explores an exciting and little-known aspect of Native American culture.

In addition to analyses of all the signs, symbols, and seasonal associations, there are illuminating charts, explanations of the medicine wheel, and practical ideas for using Native American astrology as an oracle. This is a book for the thousands fascinated by Native American legend and lore.