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Garnet appears in red pink green, orange, yellow, brown and black. It is can be transparent or translucent, small and faceted or large and opaque. It is found all over the world. Garnet related to the Astrological Signs of Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius and vibrates to the number 2. Garnet is a powerful and energizing stone with the ability to regenerate and revitalize the chakras. It purifies and balances the body as needed. Garnet is said to be able to warn of danger and is therefore used for protection. It inspires love and clarifies the root and second chakras so that emotions can be balanced and harmonious in relationships. Square cut garnets are said to bring success in business matters. Garnet activates other crystals, amplifying their effect. This stone also helps open up the heart and boosts self confidence. Healing: Garnet regenerates the body. It stimulates the metabolism. It can purify the heart, blood and lungs. There are many varieties of Garnet including: Almandine, which opens a pathway to the higher self; Andradite, which stimulates creativity; Grossularite, which is useful during challenges and lawsuits; Hessonite, which removes feelings of guilt and inferiority; Rhodolite, which stimulates contemplation, intuition and inspiration; Spessartine, which vibrates at a very high rate; Red Garnet, which represents love and controls anger; and many more! Position: On Earlobes, finger or over heart. Wear in contact with the skin. Place on the skin as appropriate in healing. For Past life recall: place on the third eye. Stop by our store to experience this wonderful stone’s properties for yourself!

Stone is approximately 1/2" by 1/2" by 1/2". Each stone is unique as to appearance, size and shape.