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Winner of the 2005 Evvy Award for the "Best Personal Growth Book of the Year," GLOBAL SENSE by international journalist Judah Freed updates "Common Sense by Thomas Paine to renew hope in these times that try our souls.

GLOBAL SENSE is for all of us feeling fear, anger or despair from the corrupt war on terrorism, the loss on our civil liberties, and the assaults on our environment. Countering our feelings of being helpless and powerless, the inspiring and provocative essay unites spirituality and politics to empower readers with a clear vision of a free society governed by a sense of our global oneness.

Following the structure and logic of "Common Sense, where Paine challenged monarchy and hereditary succession, Freed challenges the ancient legacies of alpha male rule and authority addiction. Instead, he advocates mindful self rule and personal democracy to affirm everyday practical idealism: We can change the world by changing ourselves.

GLOBAL SENSE features a Foreword by Thom Hartmann (author of "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, "We The People and "What Would Jefferson Do?), a Preface by David Wann (co-author of "Affluenza), and an Afterword by Dr. Vandana Shiva (author of "Stolen Harvest, "Water Wars and "Earth Democracy).

Other elements in the 200-page book include a biographical sketch of Thomas Paine with a list of his major works, a who's who of quoted writers from the 18th century Enlightenment, a bibliography keyed to page numbers, a stimulating study guide for classes and book groups, plus a detailed index.

Ten percent of the author's profits donated to literacy projects. For more information, go to
"Global Senseis an awesome work that's urgently needed for our times. This is the type of book you read and then want to buy for all of your friends, relatives and neighbors.... An incredibly well-researched and documented book." -- Evvy Award - "Best Personal Growth Book of 2005" (Colorado Independent Publishers Association)

""Global Sense calls people of the world to a vision of peace and self rule. International journalist Freed makes his case that in this time of global unrest, we the people must begin a new way of thinking and acting." -- "ForeWord Magazine

"Freed asked himself, what would Thomas Paine write if he was living today? The result is a provocative and inspiring essay that offers fresh hope for liberty." -- Thom Hartmann, author of "What Would Jefferson Do?

"Freed proposes a cultural/political Big Bang. The break-through theme of this important book is that we can have both safety and liberty." -- David Wann, co-author of "Affluenza

"Global Sense is about personal and social transformation, starting with the inner self feeling a genuine recognition of our rights and responsibilities. -- Dr. Vandana Shiva, author of "Earth Democracy

"There is a hunger for this kind of integrative global perspective. I am extremely enthusiastic about the book." -- Frances Moore Lappi, author of "Diet For a Small Planet

"The book is fascinating, and certainly useful." -- Joanne Greenberg, author of "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

"Freed's update of the Thomas Paine classic is perfect for our tumultuous times, showing how these principles, first published in 1776, remain applicable in the 21st Century." -- Howard Rothman, "Companies With A Conscience

"Freed is accurateand faithful to Paine at every turn, and I thank him for that. It is rare." -- Ken Burchell, Thomas Paine Historian

"The author is destined to be touted as one of the great thinkers of our generation." --"The Compulsive Reader

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